Milk and Weaning eBook - Downloadable

Milk and Weaning eBook - Downloadable

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Note: this product is included in Step 4 of our Infant Course and Step 16 of our Toddler course. If you have one of our online courses you don't need to purchase it separately.

Our complete resource on weaning from the breast or bottle (when you're ready), extended breastfeeding, choosing a milk (or not!), selecting cow's milk vs. a non-dairy milk, etc. is HERE! This eBook is a complete resource that covers milk, extended breastfeeding, weaning from the breast or bottle, cup drinking, encouraging water drinking when appropriate, and troubleshooting common issues with these processes.

This eBook is from a developmentally- and nutritionally-appropriate perspective that honors the family dynamic, mother's (and baby's) wishes, and goals and philosophies of each individual scenario. It does not emphasize that only one approach is appropriate for all families. It is inclusive and non-judgmental. 

What does this eBook include?

Part 1: Cups and Preparing for Weaning

  • Tips for managing cups in infancy
  • Developmental goals with bottles and cups

Part 2: Milk and Your Child’s Needs

  • “Traditional” recommendations about milk
  • Your options about milk
  • Nutritional needs and milk
  • A word on vitamin D
  • Extended breastfeeding
  • Toddler formula – is it necessary?
  • Why is prolonged breastfeeding recommended but toddler formula isn’t?
  • What about Pediasure and other shakes that promote growth?
  • Selecting a milk for your child
    • General takeaway
    • Should I just use cow’s milk?
    • Whole fat vs. low-fat?
    • Organic? Grass-fed?
    • What if I don’t want to serve cow’s milk?
    • What about almond or other nut milks?
  • Milk options
  • When should I serve milk?
  • Meeting your child’s nutritional needs through food and not milk
  • My child is allergic to dairy – what do I do?
  • What if I don’t want to serve dairy?
  • Does my child need a calcium supplement?

Part 3: Weaning from the Breast

  • Natural weaning
  • Stopping breastfeeding entirely
  • Weaning strategies
  • What about pumping moms?
  • How do I stop night nursing?
  • What if my toddler won’t drink milk from a cup?
  • Continuing to breastfeed a toddler
  • Setting limits on breastfeeding
  • Extended breastfeeding schedules
  • Milk supply in toddlerhood

Part 4: Weaning from the Bottle

  • Cold Turkey Method
  • Water in the Bottle Method
  • Transitional Method
  • Change the Nipple Method
  • Should I put cow’s milk or another milk alternative in the bottle?
  • Tips for weaning off the bottle
  • What if my toddler won’t drink milk from a cup?

Part 5: Water

  • Your toddler’s water needs
  • How do I get my toddler to drink more water?

Milk and Weaning eBook